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• To strengthen internal management of the campus.
• To manage need base academic and professional programs.
• To improve TL activities through sound classroom environment, internal examinations, co-curricular activities.
• To conduct research-oriented activities.
• To establish e-library.
• To improve department activities.
• To use electronic devices as teaching aids.
• To increase standard and ability of the faculties and officials.
• To organize and delegate lecturers, officials for seminars, trainings, workshops.
• To upgrade the internal management of the campus.
• To increase the feeling of ownership among stakeholders.
• To identify and honor the contribution of people for its development.
• To expand relationships with other institution and organizations in national and international level
• To increase scholarships for deserving students, poor, dalits, janajati, female and under privileged groups.
• To utilize the resources of the campus.
• To achieve gradual financial viability and sustainability.
• To concentrate on issue of gender equity.
• To update MIS to strengthen its record and documentation system.